The back and spine include a complex musculoskeletal system of bones, nerves, muscles and other tissue. Many different back or neck injuries can cause acute and chronic pain, impacting your daily life and mobility. Diagnosing back injuries and finding the right treatment can be difficult due to a wide variety of injuries and conditions that can cause similar symptoms. At CLEAR Wellness Group, we specialize in diagnosing back and spine conditions, offering minimally-invasive back injury treatments at our clinic in Chicago.

Spine and Back Pain Conditions

The bones, nerves and soft tissue that are a part of the spinal system are prone to degenerative diseases, wear and injuries. The facet joints, spinal discs, nerves and surrounding bone or tissue interact with each other, impacting the function and comfort of the spine during movement. Identifying injuries or conditions impacting the spine and finding the right treatment plan can alleviate pain and improve mobility. Our team at CLEAR Wellness Group offers diagnosis and back injury treatment for a wide variety of spinal conditions, including:

From soft tissue injuries that cause acute pain to complex degenerative diseases that can result in limited mobility and chronic pain, CLEAR Wellness Group is your source for back injury treatment. Our team uses the most advanced medical technology to offer accurate diagnoses and cutting-edge treatments for our patients with spine and back pain conditions.

If you suffer from back or neck pain, contact the team at CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago. We are your source for minimally-invasive, interventional back injury treatment to improve your mobility and quality of life. Our clinic accepts many forms of insurance. Call today to schedule your appointment.