The spinal discs provide a cushion between the vertebrae, minimizing friction and wear on the bones in the spinal column. Injury and degenerative disease can impact the health of spinal discs, resulting in tears or bulges that can press on soft tissues and surrounding nerves. A bulging disc is a common spinal injury that can result in chronic neck or back pain. At CLEAR Wellness Group, we offer an accurate diagnosis and bulging disc treatment at our clinic in Chicago.

Intervertebral discs offer protection for the spinal cord and bones in the spine. These discs have a tough outer shell with a soft, jelly-like interior. They act as a shock absorber as the spine bends and moves, reducing stress on the vertebrae and insulating the spinal cord to protect it from injury. When an injury or disease weakens the outer shell of the spinal discs, it can create a bulge of the jelly-like material inside. This can irritate nerves, causing pain and discomfort in the back or neck.

Relieving Bulging Disc Pain

The most common places for bulging disc injuries are in the neck and lower back. These areas have more strain on the spinal discs that can lead to deterioration or injury. To relieve pain caused by a bulging disc, there are a few different treatment options available. At CLEAR Wellness Group, we offer interventional and minimally-invasive bulging disc treatment options, including a variety of injection therapies and spinal cord stimulation options. Each patient is unique. We design a treatment plan based on your overall health and wellness goals to relieve pain and improve mobility caused by bulging disc conditions.

Bulging discs caused by aging, disease or injury can be a source of pain and discomfort. For advanced, minimally-invasive treatment options for neck or back pain caused by bulging discs, contact our medical team at CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago.