The neck or cervical section of the spine contains several facet joints that allow the neck to bend and twist. Cervical joints exist between the neck vertebrae to provide flexibility, with cartilage in place to protect the vertebrae from friction during movement. Cervical facet syndrome is a pain condition stemming from an injury or deterioration in the cervical, or neck, joints. At CLEAR Wellness Group, we offer advanced cervical facet syndrome treatment at our interventional pain clinic in Chicago, IL.

All joints in the body are prone to deterioration, injury and disease, including the cervical facet joints. Wear and tear on cartilage from years of bending or twisting the neck can result in friction between the vertebrae. Injuries to the joints can also cause damage to cartilage, and both can lead to inflammation in the cervical facet joints. Swelling around the cervical spine can cause neck pain as the nerves near the spine are impacted. Cervical facet syndrome also creates radiating pain and weakness in the back of the head, shoulders, arms and hands.

Relieving Cervical Joint Pain

Cervical facet syndrome has similar symptoms as cervical spinal arthritis, bulging discs and other neck disorders. Our medical team at CLEAR Wellness Group can provide an accurate diagnosis of cervical neck pain to determine the best course of treatment. Cervical facet syndrome treatment can include a variety of interventional pain treatments to relieve inflammation and nerve irritation, including injection therapy. We offer minimally-invasive treatments for cervical facet pain that can offer relief and improve neck mobility.

If you have chronic neck pain or radiating pain in your shoulders, head and arms, you may have a cervical facet joint disorder. For diagnosis and treatment options, contact our team at CLEAR Wellness Group to schedule an exam and evaluation. We offer whole health treatment for our patients, relieving pain while improving overall wellness. Contact us at our clinic in Chicago to schedule your appointment.