Pain or dysfunction in the elbow, wrist or hand can impact your ability to perform daily tasks, work and sports activities. The lower arm and hand contain various joints, nerves and soft tissues that can be injured, resulting in pain and loss of function. At CLEAR Wellness Group, our double board certified pain physicians offer advanced treatment for elbow, hand and wrist pain, available at our clinic in Chicago.

From the elbow to the tips of your fingers, a complex network of muscles, tendons and ligaments control bones and joints for dexterity. Many nerves travel through and around the major joints to send and receive signals from the brain. Repetitive use, wear/tear, degenerative disease and injuries can impact this complicated system, resulting in pain and functional issues. An accurate diagnosis is needed to determine the cause of elbow, hand and wrist pain before treatment can begin. Our experienced doctors at CLEAR Wellness Group can perform diagnosis and treatments for elbow, hand and wrist pain for a wide variety of conditions.

Lower Arm and Hand Pain Conditions

Sports injuries, arthritis, repetitive motion injuries and other conditions can impact the elbow, wrist and hand, resulting in acute or chronic pain. Interventional medicine and other treatments help relieve pain and inflammation at its source. Our physicians can offer advanced pain relief for a wide variety of lower arm pain conditions, including:

Hand, wrist and elbow pain can restrict your activities and affect your quality of life. If you have an acute or chronic pain condition impacting your arm or hand function, contact us at CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago to schedule your exam and consultation with one of our pain specialists. We offer cutting-edge treatments for elbow, hand and wrist pain.