The elbow relies on muscles, tendons and ligaments to perform correctly when lifting or performing other lower arm movements. When any of these connected soft tissues are stretched, torn or damaged, it can cause pain and restrict elbow movement. Elbow sprains or strains are common in workplace and sports injuries. At CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago, we offer effective elbow sprain or strain treatment to relieve elbow pain and improve function.

Elbow sprains and strains are similar but affect different tissue. An elbow sprain involves ligaments in the elbow joint that connect the bones where they meet. An elbow strain involves tendons or muscles that support the elbow joint, either in the forearm or upper arm. Both types of injuries can occur with overuse and repetitive arm movement while playing tennis, baseball or other sports. Strains or sprains can also occur when lifting heavy items.

Symptoms of Elbow Soft Tissue Injuries

Elbow sprains or strains may occur separately or together and have similar symptoms. Pain and swelling of the elbow are common. Pain may increase when bending or straightening the arm, as well as with certain hand or wrist movements. Weakness and limited function of the hand, wrist and arm may occur with elbow strains or sprains. Rest, ice, compression and elevation (R.I.C.E.) can help relieve inflammation and pain, but some severe elbow injuries may need medical treatment.

Our pain physicians at CLEAR Wellness Group can diagnose elbow injuries and determine if treatment is necessary. We can recommend a treatment plan to relieve pain and encourage faster healing. Physical therapy may be needed to restore strength and range of motion.

If you have suffered an elbow injury, you may have tendons, muscles or ligaments that are damaged. Contact us at CLEAR Wellness Group to schedule an examination. We can help determine if you have an elbow sprain or strain, and our physicians will recommend a treatment plan for recovery.