One of the key components of interventional pain management is using injection therapy. Many types of treatments can be performed with injections, delivering medications directly to the source of pain. To perform the most effective treatment, pain physicians require imaging to guide injections to the correct area. At CLEAR Wellness Group, we utilize fluoroscopy-guided injections for precision pain management treatments at our clinic in Chicago.

What Is Fluoroscopy?

X-ray technology is used in diagnosing and treating many injuries and health conditions. Fluoroscopy is a form of x-ray imaging that allows physicians to view bones and internal tissues in real-time when performing interventional pain treatments, including injection therapy. Fluoroscopy offers moving images during diagnosis or treatments, unlike traditional x-rays that provide still-shot images. Fluoroscopy uses less radiation than conventional x-rays, making it safer when used for image-guided injections.

Fluoroscopy-guided injections are used for a variety of pain management treatments and diagnostic testing. Nerve blocks, anti-inflammatory steroids, trigger point injections, epidural and many other types of injections can be precisely performed with fluoroscopy. Our experienced pain physicians at CLEAR Wellness Group safely utilize fluoroscopy-guided injections to accurately diagnose and treat many acute and chronic pain conditions. Benefits of using fluoroscopy to perform injection therapy include:

Fluoroscopy-guided injection therapy can be used in treating joint, spine, nerve and musculoskeletal pain conditions with more invasive treatments. The team at CLEAR Wellness Group can perform many interventional pain injections at our office in Chicago with advanced fluoroscopy equipment.

Injection therapy can provide quick, safe and effective interventional pain treatments, especially when combined with the accuracy of fluoroscopy. For advanced pain therapy using fluoroscopy-guided injections, contact us at CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago to schedule your appointment.