Disease or injury to organs and tissues in the pelvic or reproductive region can result in chronic pain. The ganglion impar is a collection of nerves that send signals from the lower pelvis and groin, located in front of the sacrum right above the coccyx or tailbone. Ganglion impar blocks/injections can be used to diagnose or relieve certain types of pelvic pain and are available through CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago.

The ganglion impar is an intersection of nerves that send signals to the spinal cord and brain from the lower rectum, vagina, scrotum and tailbone. When any of these areas are affected by cancer, injury or other disease that causes pain, the signals must pass through the ganglion impar. A ganglion impar block injection can be used to interrupt pain signals. It can help diagnose pain conditions and offers relief for acute or chronic pain in the pelvic region.

Pelvic Pain Diagnosis and Treatment

At CLEAR Wellness Group, we provide ganglion impar blocks to diagnose or treat lower pelvic pain. We use fluoroscopy to guide the injection needle to the ganglion impar for the precise delivery of a local anesthetic and steroid. The local anesthetic can provide quick pain relief for diagnostic purposes. The anti-inflammatory effects of the steroid may require a few days to take effect but can block pain signals to the brain. If a ganglion impar block injection is effective in relieving pain, long-lasting treatments using nerve ablation may be recommended.

Chronic pelvic pain caused by damage to organs from disease or injury can impact your quality of life. Ganglion impar block injections help diagnose pelvic pain issues and offer relief. Contact us at CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago to schedule an appointment with one of our pain physicians to determine if a ganglion impar block may be right for you.