When you bend or move your fingers or hand, tendons are needed for this movement. Tendons connect muscles and bone, and these connective tissues are instrumental in most hand function. When tendons become inflamed due to injury or overuse, it is called tendonitis. At CLEAR Wellness Group, we offer diagnosis and hand tendonitis treatment at our pain and medical clinic in Chicago.

Repetitive hand or wrist use can overwork the tendons, causing inflammation in one or more of the tendons required for hand movement. Trauma to the hand or wrist can also damage tendons, resulting in swelling. Those with hand tendonitis may experience multiple symptoms, including:

Wrist, finger and hand tendonitis can limit function and cause pain. The inflammation can restrict tendon movement, and in some cases, the swelling can press on nerves, causing tingling, numbness, pain and weakness. Some hand tendonitis can be accompanied by tenosynovitis, an inflammation of the tendon sheath, which can cause additional restrictions in movement.

Relieving Wrist, Finger and Hand Tendonitis Pain

Tendonitis in the wrist or hand can restrict your ability to perform daily tasks. Rest, ice and anti-inflammatory medications can relieve mild to moderate hand tendonitis discomfort, but more severe tendon injuries may require medical treatment. Our double board certified physicians at CLEAR Wellness Group can determine the best treatment plan for severe tendonitis to relieve pain and restore hand function. We offer interventional pain treatments, including injection therapy to relieve pain at the source.

If tendonitis pain and other symptoms are impacting your wrist, hand or finger dexterity or strength, medical treatment may be needed to manage pain and restore complete function. To learn more about our hand tendonitis treatment options, contact us at CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago to schedule an appointment.