Headaches are one of the most common pain complaints. While many headaches subside on their own or can be managed with OTC medications, some headaches may become chronic or severe. There are many different possible causes of headaches which determines the best treatment for pain relief. At CLEAR Wellness Group, our double board certified pain physicians offer treatment for headaches to relieve pain but also focus on overall and whole health for our patients. We offer headache and migraine treatments at our clinic in Chicago.

Nerve impingement, muscle tension, disease, medications and other factors are possible sources of headaches. Head pain may be a symptom of a larger health issue. It is important for medical professionals to consider all the possible causes of headaches and migraines when prescribing treatment. Our whole-health philosophy at CLEAR Wellness Group ensures our patients receive personalized medical care that addresses not only the symptoms of headaches but also the possible causes. We offer long-term pain management solutions for better overall health and wellness for our patients.

Types of Headache Conditions

There are various types of headaches and treatment options. Our physicians utilize advanced medical methods to diagnose head pain and find the best treatment for relief. The first step is determining the type of head pain to find the right treatment. We offer treatment for the following headache or head pain conditions:

Treatment for headaches can include various interventional medicine options. Injection therapy for trigger points, nerve compression or muscle relaxation can be extremely effective for relieving headaches and migraines. Treating underlying health conditions may also relieve headaches and improve overall health.

If you suffer from migraines or chronic headaches, come visit us at CLEAR Wellness Group. We offer an accurate diagnosis and advanced treatments for headaches at our clinic in Chicago. Contact us today to schedule your exam and consultation with one of our pain specialists.