Enjoying a stroll, jog or any type of routine mobility is difficult when you suffer from hip, foot or ankle pain. Injuries and disease cause joint and soft tissue pain issues at the top or bottom of the leg, limiting movement and impacting your quality of life. At CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago, we offer effective treatments for hip, foot and ankle pain with our interventional pain therapies.

The hip and ankle contain the adjoining joints of the leg, supported by ligaments, muscles and tendons. There are multiple components at both ends of the leg that can be injured or are susceptible to degenerative disease. A twist of an ankle or a pulled muscle in the hip may cause intense pain and restrict movement. Wear and tear on the ankle and hip joints can lead to arthritis pain and inflammation. To stay mobile, treatments for hip, foot and ankle pain could be necessary when injuries or degenerative conditions occur.

Hip, Ankle and Foot Conditions

When movement causes intense hip pain or your foot has shooting pain when you walk, it can be difficult to stay active. Finding the source of pain is the first goal of our double board certified physicians at CLEAR Wellness Group. We offer treatments for various types of hip, ankle and foot conditions, including:

Most types of hip, ankle and foot pain can be treated with minimally or non-invasive therapies. Injection therapy can relieve inflammation and offers direct pain relief at the source. Our pain specialists can diagnose and treat many types of hip or foot pain without invasive surgery at our clinic in Chicago.

If you have been suffering from an ankle or foot injury or have chronic hip pain caused by arthritis, contact us at CLEAR Wellness Group. We can offer treatments for hip, foot and ankle pain to improve your mobility and quality of life.