Tendons are essential for maintaining complete mobility, connecting muscles to bone from your head to your toes. In the lower body, tendons in the hip, foot and ankle are needed for walking, running and jumping. When tendons are damaged, inflammation or tendonitis can occur, causing pain and limiting movement. At CLEAR Wellness Group, we offer effective treatment for hip, foot and ankle tendonitis at our clinic in Chicago.

The hip joints are essential for leg movement and are attached to some of the largest muscles in the body with tendons. When these hip tendons are stretched, torn or damaged due to overuse in sports or in an injury accident, tendonitis can occur. Pain and tenderness in the hip or pelvic region are common symptoms associated with tendonitis, usually worsening over time.

Tendonitis in the Ankle and Foot

The Achilles tendon in the ankle and tendons in the foot are susceptible to tendonitis, causing intense pain and limiting mobility. The Achilles tendon attaches the calf muscles to the heel and is one of the most important tendons for running athletes. When the Achilles tendon or tendons in the foot are damaged, tendonitis can cause swelling, pain and weakness.

Tendonitis in the hip, ankle and foot is common among athletes, but it also occurs with normal use, especially in older individuals. Tendons weaken with age, making them more vulnerable to injury. Obesity and other factors can also put more strain on tendons, resulting in a higher risk of injury.

Mild cases of tendonitis can be treated with conservative at-home methods, including rest, ice and OTC anti-inflammatory medications. For more severe cases, treatment for hip, foot and ankle tendonitis can include interventional pain therapies like image-guided injections. If you have hip, ankle or foot pain caused by tendonitis, contact us at CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago to schedule an appointment for treatment.