The hip joints can sustain wear, tear and damage from degenerative disease, injury and aging. Osteoarthritis is common in hip joints, resulting in stiffness, pain and loss of mobility. Injection therapy can be an option to diagnose and treat chronic hip pain. At CLEAR Wellness Group, we offer hip joint steroid injections for diagnostic purposes and pain relief at our clinic in Chicago.

There are various conditions that can result in hip pain. Lumbar spine or musculoskeletal conditions can cause sciatic nerve pain, radiating pain into the hip. A hip joint steroid injection can be used to determine whether hip pain is caused by a joint issue or if the pain is radiating from other areas. A local anesthetic is included with a steroid in a hip joint injection. If the injection provides pain relief, it can help diagnose the source or cause of hip pain to determine the best treatment plan.

Fluoroscopy-Guided Hip Pain Injections

Fluoroscopy is used by our pain physicians to guide hip joint steroid injections to the correct position. The local anesthetic can provide immediate pain relief or diagnostic information. The steroid medication may require 2-3 days to provide an anti-inflammatory response that can relieve pain for up to several months. Those with hip arthritis or other chronic pain conditions can enjoy long-term pain management utilizing hip joint steroid injections. Most patients can tolerate a few injections per year as needed for chronic hip pain management.

At CLEAR Wellness Group, we offer minimally or non-invasive pain management options for chronic joint pain. If you suffer from chronic hip pain, contact us at our clinic in Chicago today to schedule your appointment to meet with one of our pain specialists for hip pain relief. We offer hip joint steroid injections and other interventional pain treatment options for diagnosis and pain relief.