The ball and socket of the hip joint include the pelvic bone and the top of the femur or thigh bone. With every step and rotation of the hip, this major joint can have wear and tear on the bones and cartilage. Hip arthritis, or osteoarthritis, is a common cause of hip pain and reduced mobility. The pain specialists at CLEAR Wellness Group offer effective hip arthritis/osteoarthritis treatment at our clinic in Chicago, IL.

Arthritis is an inflammatory condition that impacts joints throughout the body. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis affecting the joints, including the hip joint. The normal wear and tear on the hip joint combined with injuries and other factors can cause loss of articular cartilage, resulting in inflammation and friction. Over time, hip arthritis may result in stiffness and pain in the joint, restricting movement. While there is not a cure for arthritis, the pain and inflammation can be managed, slowing the progression of the disease.

Relief for Hip Arthritis Pain

Interventional pain treatments are effective at controlling hip arthritis pain. At CLEAR Wellness Group, we offer a multidisciplinary approach to helping patients suffering from hip arthritis or osteoarthritis pain. Injection therapy can be used to help reduce inflammation and pain in the joint. There are also other types of interventional pain treatments that help manage hip pain. We also work with our patients to improve their overall or whole health with lifestyle changes and other therapies to keep them mobile and pain-free.

If you have symptoms of hip arthritis or you have already been diagnosed with hip osteoarthritis, come visit us at CLEAR Wellness Group. We can explore hip osteoarthritis treatment options to reduce pain and improve your mobility. Contact our clinic in Chicago to schedule an appointment with one of our pain management doctors.