The large hip joint is connected to some of the strongest muscles, tendons and ligaments in the body. These tissues control the movement of the leg and hip joint and are susceptible to damage when hip trauma or injury occurs. Hip sprains and strains involve damage to muscles, tendons or ligaments, causing pain and limiting mobility. Our pain physicians at CLEAR Wellness Group offer hip sprain or strain treatment to relieve pain at our clinic in Chicago.

Hip sprains and strains are similar but involve different tissues. A strain involves muscles or tendons that are damaged, torn or stretched. In the hip, this could include the gluteus maximus and hamstrings. A sprain involves damage to a ligament, which in the hip joint, could include ligaments from the intracapsular and extracapsular groups. Hip strains and sprains can happen together or separately, and both can cause pain, weakness and limited mobility. Sports injuries are the most common causes of hip strains and sprains, but falls and other trauma can also be a source of injury to the soft tissue in the hip.

Relieving Hip Strain and Sprain Symptoms

When muscles, tendons or ligaments are damaged, the first treatment should be rest and relief of inflammation. Most mild to moderate hip sprains or strains can be treated with rest and non-steroid anti-inflammatory medications for pain. For more severe sprains or strains to hip tissue, a treatment plan may be needed. Injection therapy can be used to help reduce inflammation and pain, while physical therapy and other treatments help with healing, strengthening and restoring mobility.

If you suffer from an injury that causes intense pain in the hip or surrounding tissues, you may be experiencing a hip strain or sprain. To relieve pain and restore function, contact us at CLEAR Wellness Group to explore hip sprain or strain treatment options. Contact our clinic in Chicago to schedule your appointment with one of our pain specialists.