Injuries and pain conditions can greatly impact your mental and physical health. When you suffer from debilitating pain or are restricted by a physical injury, your quality of life is diminished. At CLEAR Wellness Group, we focus on providing patient-focused health care and pain management options for a wide range of conditions. Injuries and pain conditions treated at our clinic in Chicago, IL, range from spine issues and sports injuries to many types of chronic pain disorders.

Our goal at CLEAR Wellness Group is to treat the whole patient, not just their condition. While alleviating pain or symptoms is important, we look at options to improve overall wellness for our patients. Our doctors invest the time and effort to find the source of pain and symptoms, creating a treatment plan that addresses the cause and encompasses whole health for the patient. This can include innovative interventional treatments, ketamine and other therapies designed to improve overall health and wellness, as well as mitigate pain and other symptoms.

Interventional Pain and Injury Treatments

Interventional pain treatment and comprehensive injury treatment focus on the source of a health problem or condition. Our team at CLEAR Wellness Group offers a multidisciplinary approach to treatment for pain conditions and injuries, incorporating whole body and mental health into our treatment plans. From head to toe, we offer innovative treatments for all ages and many types of health issues, including:

At CLEAR Wellness Group, we offer minimally and non-invasive treatments for pain conditions and injuries, helping patients achieve better health and wellness. To learn more about the conditions we treat and the treatment modalities we offer, contact the team at our clinic in Chicago. We look forward to meeting you and working with you to help overcome your injury or chronic pain condition.