Chronic pain can impact your quality of life. Pain medications, especially opioids or narcotics, can relieve or manage pain but also come with overdose risks and side effects. When other interventional treatment options are not effective at controlling pain, one option for those with chronic pain is an intrathecal pain pump. At CLEAR Wellness Group, we offer intrathecal pumps for pain management at our medical facility in Chicago.

Oral pain medications provide effective pain relief, but at a cost. The impact on the digestive system and the rest of the body can cause constipation, brain fog, fatigue and nausea. With an intrathecal pain pump, pain medication is delivered directly to the intrathecal space surrounding the spinal cord. Pain relief can be felt with a much lower dose and without many of the undesirable side effects of oral medications. The device is implanted into the surrounding tissue, offering a dramatic improvement of pain symptoms for many patients with chronic pain.

Pain Pump Implantation

To determine if an intrathecal pump for pain management may be effective for a patient, a brief trial is used before implantation. In most cases, a week-long trial can determine if a pain pump will be useful in controlling chronic pain. If pain is reduced by 50% or more, our pain physicians may recommend implantation of an intrathecal pain pump for long-lasting pain management.

Pain pump implantation is an outpatient procedure with little recovery time needed. Many patients have dramatic improvement controlling chronic pain without the need for oral pain medications. The procedure is reversible, with few risks of complications.

If you are suffering from chronic pain and want an alternative to oral pain medications, come see us at CLEAR Wellness Group. We offer advanced options in interventional pain medicine and treatments, including intrathecal pumps for pain management. Contact our office today to schedule a pain management consultation at our clinic in Chicago.