Anxiety disorders can impact your ability to navigate your daily life. Worry and stress disrupt your personal and professional life and can cause detrimental harm to your health. Medications that manage anxiety may come with a multitude of negative side effects. An alternative therapy is ketamine treatment for anxiety. At CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago, we provide patients with ketamine infusion therapy to offer relief from anxiety disorders.

Ketamine is an anesthetic that has been safely used for over 50 years. In the last few decades, ketamine therapy has expanded to treat a variety of conditions. Patients with mood disorders like anxiety, depression and OCD can find relief through a series of infusions or IV drips, that are designed to provide a dissociative and introspective treatment. A high percentage of patients report significant relief from their symptoms with a series of ketamine treatments with ongoing therapy to manage anxiety.

What to Expect During Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine treatment for anxiety is performed in a series of up to six sessions over a two-week period. Each session includes about 45 minutes of infusion treatment. The entire session can require up to an hour and a half to begin the IV drip and a short recovery period after the infusion is completed. Patients experience a deep sedation that allows them to reflect and process issues that may be contributing to their anxiety. Over 75% of patients have positive improvements in managing their anxiety. Some patients may notice benefits after the first session, but most need 3-4 sessions before attaining results.

If you suffer from anxiety that is impacting your quality of life or health, ketamine treatment for anxiety may be an option for relief. To learn more about ketamine infusions and whether you may be a good candidate for this innovative therapy, contact us at CLEAR Wellness Group. We can schedule an initial consultation to discuss if ketamine may be right for you.