The National Institute for Mental Health considers major depression to be one of the most common mental health disorders. According to the 2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, more than 17 million adults in the U.S. suffer from at least one major depressive episode every year. At CLEAR Wellness Group, we believe in whole health for our patients, including therapy for mental or mood disorders like depression. Our clinic in Chicago offers advanced ketamine treatment for depression, an innovative approach to improve wellness.

Depression can affect adults of all ages and from any background or walk of life. Many people with depression feel like they are alone and suffer in silence. While there are numerous anti-depressant medications, many of these have extreme side effects and may not be effective in relieving the dark cloud of depression.

Ketamine was originally used as an anesthetic, but it has been studied and used for treating mood disorders for over 20 years. The vast majority of patients who undergo ketamine therapy for depression have excellent results. Over 70% of patients report diminished symptoms of depression with ketamine infusions, while experiencing little to no side effects from this therapy.

What to Expect with Ketamine Depression Treatment

For depression treatment, most patients undergo a series of six ketamine infusions over about two weeks, each lasting approximately 45 minutes. It takes a few minutes to get the IV started and a few minutes to wake up after the infusion is over, so expect each infusion appointment to take 1-1.5 hours. These initial infusions will be scheduled for Monday/Wednesday/Friday over two weeks.

Most patients’ dissociation and out of body experience resolves within about 10-15 minutes after the infusion is over. Afterwards, patients may be fatigued and want to rest and reflect about what they have just experienced. We do not recommend returning to work or school that day, as you may feel tired or even a little “out of it.”

If you suffer from depression and want to explore advanced ketamine therapy to give you relief, contact us at CLEAR Wellness Group. We offer ketamine for depression and other mood disorders at our clinic in Chicago.