Ketamine infusion therapy can be an effective treatment option for chronic pain, depression, anxiety and many types of mood disorders. The majority of patients who undergo ketamine infusion treatment under the supervision of our double board certified physicians at CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago report long-lasting relief from their symptoms with ongoing therapy. Ketamine infusion treatment is unconventional, but it can greatly improve the quality of life for many people who suffer from mood disorders or chronic pain.

What to Expect During Your First Treatment

On the day of your first infusion, arrive in comfortable clothing about 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. This will allow enough time for your nerves to calm down and to fill out any residual paperwork that needs to be completed. We suggest avoiding meals before the infusion.

Once you are ready, we will lead you to your infusion suite where a comfortable recliner, blanket, eye mask and noise-canceling headphones await. After you are situated comfortably, our staff will start an IV for you, and the doctor will return to answer any questions and start the infusion. You will drift into an “out of body” or dissociative state and will return shortly after the infusion is completed.

You will be monitored by an anesthesiologist or emergency room physician throughout the infusion, and once it is over, we will return to remove the monitors and IV before you completely wake up. Most patients tolerate the infusions very well and find it a pleasurable experience.

Afterward, you can rest and recover in the post-infusion area and have a cold beverage as you slowly wake up. You will be unable to drive for the next 24 hours, so it is important to coordinate transportation to and from the appointments.

Ketamine infusion treatment has provided excellent results for many of our patients with depression, anxiety, OCD, chronic pain and PTSD. If you are interested in learning more about ketamine therapy and if it may be right for you, contact us at CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago.