Arthritis, injuries and degenerative disease cause inflammation and pain in the knee joints. Controlling inflammation can reduce pain and further deterioration of the joint, improving mobility. One non-invasive interventional pain treatment option for knee joint pain is steroid injections. Our pain specialists at CLEAR Wellness Group offer knee joint steroid injections at our medical clinic in Chicago, IL.

Knee joint inflammation is common. It can occur when ligaments, tendons or cartilage are damaged in the joint or there is too much friction in the joint during movement. Arthritis or osteoarthritis and inflammation go hand-in-hand. Damage to the joint causes inflammation, and the inflammation can result in faster joint deterioration. Corticosteroids can reduce inflammation, controlling pain and slowing deterioration of the knee joint.

Knee Joint Pain Relief Treatment

Knee joint steroid injections are one of the most common interventional pain treatments for knee pain and arthritis. While joint steroid injections do not cure osteoarthritis or other causes of knee inflammation, they can offer relief. A local anesthetic is combined with a corticosteroid to relieve pain and inflammation. Our pain physicians can perform a fluoroscopy-guided knee joint steroid injection at our clinic. The procedure usually takes less than a half hour and requires little to no downtime.

The local anesthetic offers some immediate pain relief, but it does wear off in several hours. The steroid medication takes a few days to begin relieving inflammation and pain. Most patients obtain a few months or more of pain relief from knee joint steroid injections, which can be used up to three times per year.

If you suffer from chronic knee joint pain, injection therapy can offer a non-invasive option for relief. To learn more about knee joint steroid injections, contact us in Chicago to schedule a knee pain consultation.