Overuse, strain and injury to tendons in the knee can result in tendonitis, which is inflammation of the tendon. The knee has several tendons that are affected by tendonitis, including the patellar tendon. When this particular tendon is injured, it can cause patellar tendonitis, or “jumper’s knee.” The pain specialists at CLEAR Wellness Group offer knee patellar tendonitis treatment at our medical clinic in Chicago.

What Is Jumper’s Knee?

The patellar tendon attaches to the bottom of the patella or kneecap and to the top of the shin bone. When the knee is straightened while standing from a squat or when jumping, the patella tendon is put under stress. Athletes that perform jumps or squats in their sport can injure the patella tendon. Basketball, volleyball and other jumping sports, as well as squatting sports like weightlifting, can result in patella tendon tears and injury. When not allowed to heal correctly, this tendon can become inflamed and jumper’s knee, or patellar tendonitis, can occur. Symptoms can include:

Tendon injuries are common for athletes. Resting and recovery are required to allow the tears in tendons to heal. When the patella tendon continues to be stressed, tendonitis can become severe, resulting in painful jumper’s knee that can impact knee function.

Relieving inflammation in the patellar tendon can help offer relief from patellar tendonitis. Physical therapy may also be needed to slowly strengthen the tendon during recovery. Our physicians at CLEAR Wellness Group help athletes manage pain and recovery from jumper’s knee at our clinic in Chicago. If you need relief from jumper’s knee, contact us to discuss the options available for knee patellar tendonitis treatment.