Most people have experienced lower back pain at one point or another. Most back pain is temporary and is caused by soft tissue or muscle strains that can be treated with rest and OTC medications. However, ongoing back pain can be an indication of an injury or disease to the spine or lower back musculoskeletal system. At CLEAR Wellness Group, we offer an accurate diagnosis and lower back pain treatment with advanced therapies and interventional medicine at our clinic in Chicago, IL.

Lower back pain can be caused by a wide variety of spine or back issues. Overexertion while bending, lifting or twisting can cause an injury to soft tissues or spinal discs. Spinal conditions like bulging/ruptured/herniated discs, facet pain syndrome, spinal arthritis and osteoporosis can all cause lower back pain and other symptoms. To determine the best treatment, a comprehensive diagnosis is needed to find the cause of pain and other symptoms.

Relief for Chronic Lower Back Pain

Chronic lower back pain can restrict mobility and impact your quality of life. At CLEAR Wellness Group, we have a team of board certified doctors who can find the source of lower back pain and recommend an effective treatment plan. The course of treatment depends on the source of pain, but it may include physical therapy, injection therapy, massage, spinal cord stimulation and other interventional pain treatments. In many cases, conservative or non-invasive treatments are effective in managing chronic back pain without the need for surgery or more invasive treatments.

If you have lower back pain and need relief, contact our team at CLEAR Wellness Group. We offer a whole-health approach to pain management with advanced methods available for lower back pain treatment. Contact our clinic in Chicago to schedule your appointment. We accept many types of health care insurance and welcome new patients.