The facet joints in the spine allow for bending and twisting movement. These small joints are between all vertebrae in the spine, including those in the lumbar or lower back region. The facet joints in the lower spine are prone to quicker deterioration from wear, injury, aging and other factors than other areas of the spine, resulting in lumbar facet syndrome. At CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago, we offer innovative lumbar facet syndrome treatment to relieve lower back pain and other symptoms.

The spinal facet joints are among the smallest joints in the body, but deterioration of these joints can have a large impact on mobility and comfort. Like all joints, facet joints have cartilage to protect the vertebrae from friction during movement. In the lumbar spine, the facet joints sustain constant pressure from the upper spine and body. Excess weight, aging and other factors can cause deterioration of the cartilage, resulting in friction, inflammation and pain.

Symptoms of Lumbar Facet Syndrome

When the lumbar facet joints deteriorate, it can cause ongoing pain and discomfort. Once cartilage is lost, the body cannot rejuvenate on its own. Movement can cause friction in the facet joints, resulting in inflammation that irritates nerves in the surrounding tissue. Lumbar facet syndrome also causes nerve pressure than creates radiating pain and weakness in the legs.

At CLEAR Wellness Group, our team of board certified doctors can accurately diagnosis lumbar facet pain syndrome and create an effective treatment plan for relief. We utilize cutting-edge interventional pain treatment to provide relief and improve mobility. Our physicians also consider whole-body health care that can impact spine health and improve symptoms of lumbar facet deterioration.

If you have lower back pain or radiating leg pain, contact us at CLEAR Wellness Group for an exam, diagnosis and treatment. Contact our clinic in Chicago to schedule your appointment to learn more about minimally-invasive treatment options for lumbar facet syndrome.