The sympathetic nerves in the lumbar or lower back relay information to the spinal cord and brain from the lower body. In some cases, the sympathetic nerves can send pain signals from the lower back or legs. If lumbar sympathetic nerves are causing acute or chronic pain, a nerve block may be used as treatment for pain relief. At CLEAR Wellness Group, we offer lumbar sympathetic block injections at our pain management clinic in Chicago.

The sympathetic nerves that connect to the lower or lumbar spine are located on either side of the spine. These nerve roots connect to the sympathetic nervous system, one for each side of the lower body. Certain neuropathy or nerve conditions can cause chronic pain in the lower back or legs. A lumbar sympathetic block injection disables or disrupts the pain signals sent through the sympathetic nerves in the lower spine, resulting in less pain. The injection uses a local anesthetic and steroid to impact the sympathetic nerves on the affected side of the body. The local anesthetic provides immediate relief, and the steroid can take effect in a few days for ongoing nerve pain relief.

Conditions Treated with Sympathetic Nerve Blocks

Certain nerve disorders or pain conditions can be managed with lumbar sympathetic block injections. These disorders can impact the lower back and legs, usually one side or the other. Painful conditions that are typically treated with lumbar sympathetic block injections include:

Lumbar sympathetic block injections can be performed in our clinic using fluoroscopy to ensure precise delivery. The pain relief can be immediately felt due to the local anesthetic, but ongoing pain relief from the steroid interaction may take 2-3 days or longer to take effect.

If you have acute or chronic pain caused by a sympathetic nerve disorder, come visit us at CLEAR Wellness Group. We offer advanced pain management options, including lumbar sympathetic block injections, at our clinic in Chicago.