The muscles in the back support the spine and allow for bending, lifting and twisting motions. When the muscle is overworked or stretched too far, muscle strains can occur, causing pain and possibly stimulating back muscle spasms. Our pain specialists at CLEAR Wellness Group offer back muscle spasms and strain treatment to relieve pain and resume mobility for patients, available at our clinic in Chicago.

Back muscle strains are common, especially when lifting and twisting. Many physical activities can put stress on muscles, creating small tears in the muscles as they are stretched. In most cases, a muscle strain can be treated with rest and OTC medications to relieve pain and muscle inflammation. Severe back muscle strain may require medical treatment, especially if the injury triggers muscle spasms.

Relieving Back Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms are an automatic response to protect an injured muscle or musculoskeletal condition. In the back, muscle spasms most commonly occur in the lumbar region, tightening and contracting. A back muscle strain or a ligament sprain are common triggers of a muscle spasm, restricting movement while the muscle heals. However, structural or anatomical issues in the spine can also stimulate muscle spasms. Herniated discs, bone spurs, radiculopathy and other spine issues can result in muscle spasms that cause intense pain and restrict movement.

Back muscle spasm treatment focuses on relaxing the muscle and stopping the cycle of spasms. This can include rest, physical therapy and interventional pain treatments. Injection therapy using a steroid or anti-inflammatory agent can offer relief. Treating the underlying spine condition may also be needed for long-term pain relief.

If you have back muscle spasms or a back strain causing you pain and restricting your mobility, contact our team at CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago to schedule your exam and medical treatment . We offer effective treatment options to relieve your back pain.