A sore or stiff neck can impact your comfort and function. When you have ongoing neck pain from an injury or cervical spine condition, it can be difficult to concentrate, sleep, work or enjoy your favorite activities. To relieve acute or chronic neck pain, it is vital to diagnose the source of pain and begin an appropriate treatment plan. At CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago, we have board certified pain physicians who can diagnose neck injuries or conditions and offer effective neck pain treatment.

The cervical spine and the surrounding soft tissue in the neck are prone to injury and pain conditions. The configuration of supporting the head and allowing movement makes the neck region vulnerable to both injury and degenerative diseases. Not only can spine, muscle or tendon issues cause localized neck pain, but the nerves in the neck also radiate pain and other symptoms to the head, shoulders, arms and hands. Some of the common neck injuries and conditions that cause neck pain include:

Car accidents, falls, repeated motion injuries and degenerative diseases can all impact the cervical spine and neck. To relieve pain, an accurate diagnosis is needed to determine the right treatment plan.

Relieving Neck Pain

Many neck and cervical spine conditions and injuries that cause neck pain can be relieved with interventional pain treatments. Our team at CLEAR Wellness Group offers minimally-invasive neck pain treatment options, including injection therapy. We personalize our treatment plans to each patient, relieving neck pain while improving their overall health and wellness.

If you are experiencing nagging neck pain, contact the CLEAR Wellness Group at our Chicago, IL, offices. We can diagnose your neck pain condition and craft a tailored treatment plan to help you find relief from pain and restored mobility. Call or contact us online to schedule a consultation with our team.