The nerves in the body signal pain and discomfort, sending electrical impulses to the spinal cord and brain. When nerves are damaged from an injury, disease or infection, they can become dysfunctional and cause neuropathic pain. Our double board certified pain physicians at CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago offer innovative neuropathic pain treatment that can manage and dissipate chronic pain.

Neuropathic pain (also called neuropathy or neuralgia) can occur anywhere in the body where nerves have been damaged. Neuropathic pain may cause a burning or tingling sensation, and the area may be hypersensitive, with intense pain from any contact, even from fabric. Some patients with neuropathic pain conditions can experience numbness, “pins and needles” and loss of temperature sensation. Each case of nerve pain can present differently, requiring a personalized neuropathic pain treatment plan to obtain relief for the patient.

Causes of Neuropathy or Neuralgia

Neuropathy, or neuralgia, can be caused by any trauma to the nerves. Nerve endings are fragile, and a wide variety of elements can impact their function and cause neuropathic pain. Some common causes of neuropathy or nerve pain include:

Regardless of the cause of neuropathic pain, this nerve condition often results in long-term chronic pain. Nerve pain does not respond to most OTC pain medications. Neuropathic treatment may include interventional medicine options like nerve block injections or electrical nerve stimulation. In some cases, ketamine infusions may be effective for controlling chronic nerve pain.

At CLEAR Wellness Group, we offer a wide variety of pain management treatments, providing relief for our patients with neuralgia. Contact our clinic in Chicago to schedule a chronic pain consultation to learn more about neuropathic pain treatments.