Neuromodulation uses electrical impulses to interrupt pain signals, changing the intensity of pain. Neuromodulation for pain treatment can be used directly on the spinal cord or on peripheral nerves, depending on the type and area of chronic pain. For some types of neuropathic chronic pain, peripheral nerve stimulators, or PNS, are an effective option for pain management. At CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago, IL, we offer peripheral nerve stimulators to treat pain for some of our patients.

Peripheral nerve stimulators have been used for decades as a pain management tool. Electrical impulses are released from small electrodes to impact nerves that are signaling pain in a targeted area. While spinal cord stimulators have become more widely used in recent years for pain management, some patients respond better to peripheral nerve stimulators that target nerves in the limbs or other areas in the body. The electrical impulses can interrupt or minimize pain signals. Patients often feel a tingling sensation instead of pain when using neuromodulation treatments.

Benefits of PNS Pain Treatment

When other pain management treatments are ineffective at controlling pain, neuromodulation methods can be an option to reduce pain in some individuals. If spinal cord stimulation is not an option, peripheral nerve stimulators may be a better choice. Certain nerve pain conditions can respond to targeted neuromodulation treatments, including:

Peripheral nerve stimulators are similar to SCS treatments. A trial is usually performed to determine whether the PNS treatment is effective for controlling pain for the patient. A PNS device is used outside the skin to deliver electrical impulses to the targeted nerves. If the trial is successful, the PNS is implanted under the skin in the desired area.

If you are interested in learning more about peripheral nerve stimulators to treat pain, contact us at CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago.