The piriformis muscles are located in the pelvic region and are integral in hip and leg movement. These flat muscles are located under the major muscles in the buttocks, stretching from the tailbone to the top of each femur. When an injury occurs to the piriformis muscles, it can result in a variety of symptoms known as piriformis syndrome. Our board certified doctors at CLEAR Wellness Group can diagnose this condition and perform piriformis syndrome treatment at our clinic in Chicago.

The most notable symptom of piriformis syndrome is pain in the buttock region. Patients may have muscle spasms and muscle pain in the buttock region due to strain or irritation of the piriformis muscle. Other symptoms can be caused by nerve compression. The sciatic nerves travel under or next to the piriformis muscles. Patients can experience sciatica symptoms that are often associated with lumbar spine conditions, such as burning, tingling, pain and weakness traveling down the buttocks into the leg and feet. Some patients may also have interference with bowel or sexual function.

Relief for Piriformis Syndrome

Piriformis syndrome can be caused by sports injuries, prolonged sitting on hard surfaces and repetitive hip movement. The first step for piriformis syndrome relief is getting an accurate diagnosis. Piriformis syndrome can be misdiagnosed as sciatica, resulting in focusing on the lumbar spine versus the source of the pain in the buttocks. Our team at CLEAR Wellness Group uses advanced diagnostic testing to undercover the source of symptoms and pain to devise the best treatment plan. We offer interventional pain treatment options for piriformis syndrome, as well as whole health care for overall wellness.

If you have localized pelvic or buttock pain, or radiating sciatic nerve pain, contact us at CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago to schedule your appointment. We can perform intricate diagnostic testing to determine the source of your pain and recommend an effective treatment option for piriformis syndrome or your pain condition.