Have you had a laminectomy, or back surgery, that was ineffective at relieving your pain? You may be suffering from post-laminectomy syndrome, or failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS). A percentage of back surgery patients do not get relief from their procedure or have new pain symptoms after their surgery. At CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago, we offer minimally-invasive post-laminectomy syndrome pain treatment to give our patients relief.

What Causes Post-Laminectomy Syndrome?

Most spine surgeons only perform back or spine surgery when all other treatments have been ineffective at relieving back or neck pain. When an anatomical or mechanical issue is believed to be the source of pain, surgical treatment to resolve the issue may be recommended. Unfortunately, laminectomy or other spine surgery is not always successful for pain relief. This can be due to other factors that are contributing to the pain or new conditions created by the surgery.

Pain Relief for FBSS

Most patients who have endured back or spine surgery and still have chronic back or neck pain are resistant to undergoing more surgery. There is also the chance that additional surgeries may also not relieve their pain. At CLEAR Wellness Group, we offer careful and detailed diagnostic testing to determine the source of the pain. We have had success in treating patients with chronic neck and back pain, even those with post-laminectomy syndrome, with minimally-invasive interventional pain methods. These can include injection therapy, spinal cord stimulation and other pain management options.

If you still have back or neck pain after a laminectomy or other spine surgery, contact our pain relief specialists at CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago to schedule your appointment with one of our board certified doctors to explore pain management and treatment options. We offer innovative pain treatment options for FBSS without surgery.