The sacroiliac joints connect the tailbone, or coccyx, to the sacrum, or pelvic bone. These joints barely move but provide necessary shock absorption and stabilization for the upper body and spine. When arthritis or other degeneration occurs in the sacroiliac joints, it can result in pain and dysfunction. The pain specialists at CLEAR Wellness Group offer sacroiliac joint injections for pain treatment at our clinic in Chicago.

Sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction can cause localized pain in the buttock region, but it also can create referred pain. Those with SI joint pain syndrome may experience abdomen, leg, feet and groin pain. Inflammation in the joint can result in pain that impacts mobility. Sacroiliac joint injections can provide diagnostic information and pain relief for those suffering from SI joint dysfunction.

Diagnosing and Treating SI Joint Pain

Sacroiliac joint injections contain a local anesthetic, like lidocaine, and an anti-inflammatory steroid. The injection is carefully guided to the affected SI joint. The local anesthetic can provide almost immediate pain relief if the SI joint is the source of pain, helping diagnose the source of pelvic pain and dysfunction. The steroid may take a few days to begin relieving inflammation and pain, but SI injections can ease pain for several months. If sacroiliac joint pain is well-managed with SI injections, this treatment can be repeated once or twice a year.

Sacroiliac joint injections can be performed in a quick office visit with little to no downtime after the procedure. Some patients may have some numbness or weakness in their hips or legs from the local anesthetic, which will wear off within a few hours.

If you have pelvic or buttock pain that radiates into the legs or groin, you may be experiencing sacroiliac joint pain syndrome or dysfunction. For treatment, contact us at CLEAR Wellness Group. We offer sacroiliac joint injections at our clinic in Chicago.