The sacroiliac joints, or SI joints, connect the spine and pelvic bone, allowing for weight distribution and stabilization of the spine. While there is not much movement in these joints, they perform a necessary function to absorb stress on the spine. When SI joints are injured or suffer from wear/tear, it can result in pain and limited mobility. At CLEAR Wellness Group, we offer sacroiliac joint pain treatment at our medical facility in Chicago, IL.

SI joint pain and dysfunction can be difficult to identify. The symptoms of SI joint conditions and injuries can be similar to many other spine and muscle disorders. Each patient may have a different combination of symptoms with SI joint dysfunction, which may include:

SI joint symptoms can be similar to sciatica or lumbar spine conditions, resulting in misdiagnosis. To receive the best treatment, accurate diagnosis is needed to identify SI joint dysfunction.

Causes of SI Joint Dysfunction

The main causes of SI joint pain and dysfunction involve too much stress on the joint. Weight gain can result in stress on the SI joints. Pregnancy and other types of weight gain are often to blame for causing SI joint pain. Arthritis and inflammatory conditions can also result in SI joint dysfunction and pain and is often made worse by excess weight.

Relieving sacroiliac joint pain depends on the cause of dysfunction. Our board certified pain specialists at CLEAR Wellness Group can identify the cause of SI joint stress and offer a treatment plan for relief. This may include weight loss, rest, physical therapy and pain relief injections.

If you have symptoms of sacroiliac joint dysfunction, contact our medical team at CLEAR Wellness Group today to schedule your appointment. We can provide diagnosis and sacroiliac joint pain treatment at our clinic in Chicago.