Nerves are responsible for communicating sensation to the brain. When a nerve is irritated, pinched or compressed, it can cause localized and radiating pain. The largest nerves leaving the spine are the sciatic nerves. When these nerves are aggravated, they can cause pain, numbness, weakness and other symptoms that are collectively referred to as sciatica. At CLEAR Wellness Group, we offer diagnosis and sciatica pain treatment for patients at our clinic in Chicago, IL.

The two sciatic nerves exit the spine in the lumbar or lower back region, and each travel down one side of the buttocks to each leg. When either of these nerves is pinched or irritated, the result is sciatica pain. Sciatica is not a condition, but it is a collection of symptoms caused by interference with the sciatic nerve. These symptoms include:

Sciatica pain is usually only on one side of the body, differentiating it from some other types of lower back or spine disorders. It can be caused by degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, muscle spasms and other spinal conditions that put pressure on the sciatic nerve. Weight gain, a sedentary lifestyle and other factors can contribute to sciatica pain.

Therapy for Sciatica Pain

Sciatica can be debilitating for some patients, limiting their mobility, affecting sleep and causing constant discomfort. Since many different conditions and lifestyle factors may contribute to sciatic nerve pain, it is important to have a treatment plan that addresses overall health and wellness. Our team at CLEAR Wellness Group offers personalized sciatic pain treatment plans to address underlying conditions and lifestyle factors to provide pain relief. This can include injection therapy, lifestyle changes and other interventional pain treatments.

To learn more about sciatica pain treatment options, contact us at CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago. We offer advanced options for reducing sciatic nerve pain to give you relief.