The shin contains two bones (tibia and fibula) and multiple types of tissue that support and move the lower leg. Repetitive strain and stress on the bone and tissue in the shin can result in damage that causes general shin pain, also known as shin splints. Our double board certified pain physicians at CLEAR Wellness Group offer effective shin splints pain treatment at our medical clinic in Chicago.

“Shin splints” is not a specific condition, but a combination of shin pain symptoms. Runners, dancers and other athletes who put excessive stress on their shins can cause injury and damage to the bones and tissues. Shin splints can have similar symptoms to other shin injuries such as tendonitis or tibia stress fractures. It is important to have an accurate diagnosis to ensure the right treatment is used to relieve shin pain.

Symptoms and Causes of Shin Splints

The most common cause of shin splints is overtraining in sports that involve extensive running or jumping. The repetitive stress on the tibia and surrounding tissue in the shin can result in injury, and not allowing time for stress injuries to heal can contribute to shin splints. Poor footwear, running on hard surfaces and increasing training too quickly can also be factors in causing shin splints. Symptoms include:

If you have symptoms of shin splints, it is important to have a comprehensive examination to determine the cause of your pain. Our pain specialists at CLEAR Wellness Group can determine the cause of your shin pain and create an effective treatment plan for relief, including shin splints pain treatment. Contact our clinic in Chicago to schedule your appointment.