The shoulder contains two joints that allow for a wide range of motion for the shoulders and arms. Injuries, inflammation, degenerative wear and many other factors cause pain and dysfunction within the shoulder. Interventional medicine can offer relief from many types of shoulder pain. At CLEAR Wellness Group, our pain physicians offer shoulder joint steroid injections to relieve pain and improve shoulder mobility at our clinic in Chicago.

Causes of Shoulder Pain

While trauma or injury can cause shoulder pain, some of the most common sources of shoulder pain occur over time. The shoulder joint contains three main bones (humerus, scapula and clavicle), tendons (rotator cuff), ligaments, cartilage and labrum. Wear and tear on the joints can cause dysfunction, friction and inflammation. Some of the common issues that can result in shoulder pain include:

The configuration of the shoulder can cause soft tissues to become trapped or impinged under bone. Relieving inflammation can shrink swollen tissue to allow for a larger range of motion while relieving pain.

Shoulder joint steroid injections are used for a variety of conditions that impact the shoulder. The injection can be carefully positioned to deliver a local anesthetic and steroid to the specific area within the joint that is causing pain or dysfunction. Steroid injections help diagnose specific shoulder joint issues and may offer months or more of pain relief for many shoulder injuries or conditions.

If you are suffering from shoulder pain, contact us at CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago to schedule a consultation and exam with one of our pain specialists. We offer an accurate diagnosis for shoulder pain conditions and interventional treatments to relieve discomfort. We offer outpatient shoulder joint steroid injections to provide relief from shoulder pain.