The shoulder joints are a complicated and unique set of mechanisms. No other joint in the human body has the same range of motion or configuration. While the shoulder allows for incredible movement of the arm, it can be vulnerable to painful injuries and degenerative conditions. Our double board certified physicians at CLEAR Wellness Group offer advanced treatment for shoulder pain at our medical facility in Chicago, IL.

The main shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint that allows the arm to reach in a wide range. This is due to the complex network of tendons and ligaments that connect and move the arm while keeping the shoulder in place. The rotator cuff, ligaments, upper arm and shoulder bone all work together for movement. When any of these components are damaged or injured, it can result in loss of function and shoulder pain. To receive the right treatment for shoulder pain, it is vital to have an accurate diagnosis to find the source of pain and dysfunction.

Shoulder Pain Conditions

Our team of pain specialists at CLEAR Wellness Group provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for many common shoulder pain conditions. Identifying the source of shoulder pain and providing interventional medicine treatment plans can be performed at our clinic in Chicago. Some of the shoulder pain conditions we treat include:

Soft tissue injuries and degenerative conditions can all cause acute or chronic shoulder pain. Our physicians use a multidisciplinary approach and provide an individualized treatment plan to offer relief from various types of shoulder pain and dysfunction.

If you have acute or chronic shoulder pain and want to explore medical treatment, contact us at CLEAR Wellness Group. We offer innovative and effective treatment options for shoulder pain conditions at our clinic in Chicago.