The vertebrae and spinal discs create a protective tunnel for the spinal cord and nerves. When the space inside the spine narrows, it can cause compression on nerves, causing pain and other symptoms. Spinal narrowing is called spinal stenosis, and it could result in chronic neck or back pain. At CLEAR Wellness Group, we offer diagnosis and spinal stenosis treatment at our medical clinic in Chicago.

Symptoms and Causes of Spinal Stenosis

Vertebrae, spinal discs, facet joints and ligaments all surround the spinal cord and exiting nerves in the spine. This protective space restricts compression or irritation of the nerves. When changes in the bones, discs or ligaments restrict this space, it can cause pinched or compressed nerves. Symptoms of spinal stenosis can include:

While spinal injury can cause nerve compression, the most common causes of spinal stenosis are degenerative diseases, like osteoarthritis. Inflammation in the spinal joints may trigger the healing responses, causing bone spur growth. Ligaments can also thicken, invading the spinal nerve space.

To relieve pain and other symptoms of spinal stenosis, our physicians perform detailed diagnostics to determine the location and cause of nerve decompression. Treatment plans depend on the cause of pressure but may include a combination of injection therapy and other interventional pain and spine treatments. We offer minimally-invasive treatment options that offer quick and effective pain relief for our patients with spinal stenosis.

If you have symptoms of spinal stenosis or have been diagnosed with this condition, CLEAR Wellness Group offers innovative treatment options for pain relief. Our whole-health approach to pain management and wellness is designed to offer a personalized treatment plan that will improve your overall quality of life. Contact our clinic in Chicago to schedule your appointment for spinal stenosis treatment.