The stellate ganglion is a bundle of sympathetic nerves that are located at the base of the cervical spine or neck. These nerves exit the spine and impact the face, shoulder and arms. When injury, illness or other conditions impact the stellate ganglion, it can cause localized and radiating pain. Possible diagnostic and treatment options include stellate ganglion block injections, available at CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago.

The stellate ganglion nerves do not normally control pain or sensation, but when the nerves are irritated, they can cause nerve pain. Infection, spinal issues, soft tissue inflammation, injuries or other issues in the neck can impact the stellate ganglion, resulting in pain in the neck, face or arms. Numbing this area can help diagnose stellate ganglion irritation or the source of facial or arm pain. If a local anesthetic near the stellate ganglion relieves pain, a stellate ganglion block injection including a steroid may be used for long-term relief.

Neck, Face and Arm Pain Relief

The stellate ganglion can be a source of chronic pain in the neck, face or arms. This can be due to complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) or many other conditions that can impact this group of sympathetic nerves in the neck. Stellate ganglion block injections include an anesthetic and steroid. The local anesthetic can provide almost immediate relief if the pain is caused by nerve irritation. The steroid can offer long-lasting relief for a few months, blocking pain and reducing inflammation in the area.

If you have facial, neck or arm pain that has been difficult to diagnose, come visit us at CLEAR Wellness Group. Our double board certified pain physicians offer interventional treatments that can accurately diagnose and relieve many complex pain conditions. We offer outpatient stellate ganglion block injections that may provide a diagnosis and relief for your head or arm pain. Contact our clinic in Chicago to schedule your pain consultation and treatment.