Tight, knotted muscles can cause spasms and pain that restrict your mobility. These “knots” are known as trigger points, impacting nerves and the surrounding tissues. Myofascial pain is often caused by trigger points in muscles that refuse to relax, overstimulating the nerves and tissue in the area. Our pain physicians at CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago offer trigger point injections that can relax the muscles and relieve myofascial pain.

Trigger points can occur in any muscle group, causing muscle spasms, inflammation and myofascial pain. The tight knots in the muscles cause a cycle of pain, triggering muscle spasms and inflammation in the fascia tissue that encompasses the muscles. When massage, stretching and medications are not effective at relaxing tight, painful muscles, interventional treatment may be the best solution. Trigger point injections can help diagnose and relieve musculoskeletal pain caused by muscle spasms, nerve irritation and fascia inflammation.

Myofascial Pain Relief

Trigger points can often be felt in the muscles as tight knots. With a trigger point injection, a combination of a local anesthetic and a corticosteroid is delivered into the muscle knot. The anesthetic can provide almost instant relief as it numbs the area. Over the next few days, the steroid reduces inflammation in the fascia and muscle to help relax the trigger point and reduce pain. More than one trigger point injection may be completed in one session. If needed, the injections can be performed in less than a half hour at our clinic in Chicago.

If you have painful muscle spasms or myofascial pain that does not respond to rest, ice or other conservative treatments, contact us at CLEAR Wellness Group in Chicago to schedule your muscle pain consultation. We can explore interventional pain treatments to relieve your pain, including trigger point injections.