When bacteria are able to get under the skin, you can develop a painful infection known as an abscess. These pockets of pus are highly contagious and can create serious long-term health complications without prompt urgent care treatment. Trying to drain this infection yourself could lead to sepsis or scarring. If you live in Chicago, CLEAR Immediate Care can help you feel better safely and effectively with abscess drainage.

Abscess Drainage Urgent Care Treatment

Urgent care treatment for abscess drainage involves removing infected fluid through a minimally invasive outpatient procedure. Before the process begins, you may be given local anesthesia to help minimize discomfort. A small needle is guided toward the abscess through a pinhole-sized incision using advanced imaging. A catheter is then used to drain fluid into a small bag outside your body. If the abscess is large, the doctor may pack the wound to keep the area open while it drains.

The outpatient procedure can take less than an hour with little to no complications. Depending on how much pus buildup has occurred, the drainage process may take a few days. Recovery can take approximately two weeks. Your doctor will give you specific instructions for aftercare during your recovery. It is vital to keep the wound clean and covered with bandages to prevent recurring infections.

When To Seek Urgent Care For Abscess Drainage

If you notice a small and tender mass anywhere on your body, you may have an abscess. Infection can spread quickly and lead to organ failure. Seek urgent care if you develop fevers, headaches or skin that is warm to the touch. You may also need immediate care if any pain or swelling becomes worse after your procedure. If you seek treatment early, you may be able to take antibiotics and avoid the abscess drainage process.

Chicago Abscess Drainage Urgent Care Services

Abscess drainage needs prompt attention in order to protect your health. CLEAR Immediate Care is a convenient urgent care clinic with available walk-in appointments for Chicago residents. Our experienced doctors provide a unique approach to whole-health patient care to help develop the best treatment plan for you. Visit the clinic for abscess drainage treatment today.