The best way to maintain your health is with preventive healthcare. At CLEAR Wellness Group, we promote preventive healthcare with our annual wellness checkups. You should not wait to become sick to visit a doctor. Our primary care physicians offer well visits for patients at our clinic in Chicago, IL.

Waiting to become sick to see your doctor is a poor way to manage your health. Well visits are designed to give your body and mind a checkup to determine if there are any signs of deteriorating health. Catching illness and disorders early offers the best options for treatment. Our physicians recommend annual wellness checkups to stay on top of your health. Early detection of health issues can minimize the treatment needed to maintain your health.

Annual Checkup Services

Annual checkups, or well visits, are personalized for each patient. Depending on your age, gender, lifestyle and medical history, you may require different tests or scans during your well visit. We offer specific wellness services for women, including pap smears. For all our patients, we offer a wide variety of wellness services during annual checkups, including:

Our physicians will take the time to listen to any of your health concerns during your annual visits. We believe in whole health care. This means ensuring your body and mind are equally important to your overall health. Our goal is to give our patients options to proactively protect their health versus waiting for illness to strike to begin treatment.

If you live in Chicago or the surrounding area and need a primary care physician for well visits, contact us at CLEAR Wellness Group. We welcome new patients and accept many types of healthcare insurance. Call today to schedule your next annual exam.