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Clear Immediate Care in Chicago can offer Covid-19 group testing on a small and large scale, including on-site testing to better suit your group testing needs.

We have partnered with numerous organizations ranging from schools, nursing homes, production companies and larger businesses.

Our physicians can travel to the desired location, provide all necessary supplies required for testing, and maintain a test environment that is safe and which will comply with proper social distancing protocols.

We can help businesses navigate COVID-19 by utilizing the expertise of our physicians to keep everyone safe and healthy.

For more information, please contact grouptesting@clearwellnessgroup.com and we will be happy to help facilitate your individual testing needs.

Concierge COVID-19 Testing

As small businesses and organizations are rebooting their operations amid the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the need for timely and accurate testing is surging in demand to keep employees and team members safe. Many businesses like production companies have struggled with inconsistent turnaround time and limited access to prompt test results. Concierge testing can help bridge this gap to support public health while businesses strive to achieve economic recovery. Here is everything you need to know about concierge COVID-19 testing and how it can benefit you.

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What is Concierge COVID-19 Testing?

Concierge COVID-19 testing offers you and your team the ability to get checked without requiring cumbersome travel to another facility. Our doctors can arrive at your business in full protective gear for your group or team’s safety. The available test options include PCR testing, antibody testing and rapid antigen testing.

Benefits of Concierge COVID-19 Testing

Concierge COVID-19 testing provides a convenient and safe option for groups of individuals who work together in the same space. This concierge service offers several benefits for employers and employees. It can save you time and the cost of travel to go to a testing facility. Doing group testing at your business can decrease the risk of contraction for you and others. Concierge testing helps slow the spread of the virus and gives everyone peace of mind about their health.

Concierge COVID-19 Testing You Can Trust

With the COVID-19 pandemic still surging throughout the country, your employees are at risk even with masks and social distancing. Prompt, accurate testing is crucial during these unprecedented economic times to keep your operations running as smoothly as possible. With our concierge COVID-19 testing services at Clear Immediate Care, you can get tested quickly and safely wherever you are to keep you and your team members healthy. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.