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Erectile dysfunction (ED) can affect men of all ages. As the most common medical issue that men experience during sex, ED can impact otherwise healthy relationships. If you cannot achieve or maintain an erection, it is important to consider if the problem qualifies as erectile dysfunction in the truest sense.

Occasional issues with the inability to achieve an erection are normal. However, if the problem is frequent or you often fail to achieve a firm erection, you may be suffering from ED. Any progressive reoccurrence of ED is the first sign that you should contact CLEAR Immediate Care for testing.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

There are several potential causes of ED. The penis relies on adequate blood flood into two chambers in order to achieve a firm erection. If, for any reason, blood flow is impeded, it can result in erectile dysfunction. Another issue that leads to ED is damage to the nerves that control erection function.

It is also worth noting that ED is often a secondary sign of potentially life-threatening conditions. Hardened or blocked arteries, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease are just some of the conditions that initially manifest through symptoms, including the inability to achieve or sustain an erection.

Finally, psychological problems such as stress, depression and anxiety can make it difficult for some men to get a firm erection. These issues are treatable, but it is important to seek testing to rule out any of the other conditions associated with ED. Knowing the root cause of erectile dysfunction is the first step toward effective relief.

Contact CLEAR Immediate Care today if you need testing for erectile dysfunction in Chicago, IL. We are committed to helping our patients feel comfortable and confident in loving relationships.


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Katie R.

CLEAR Immediate Care is the most beautiful medical office I have ever seen. Dr. Shah and Dr. Trivedi are extremely knowledgeable and are able to explain things in a way I can understand. It is obvious that this doctors office is very well organized and everyone is really professional and helpful!
I really like the location because it is convenient for me and has easy parking. I am so happy that I found this practice!

Elizabeth B.

Clear Immediate Care is amazing. Dr Shah and Dr Trivedi spend time with their patients to best understand how to move forward in the best direction. They have… stepped up to the line during COVID, offering screenings and antibody testing. They are also still (virtually) seeing their regular patients. The space is new, beautiful and clean

Todd P.

Went in to clear to have COVID antibody testing done following some flu like symptoms hit back in February before the shut down. The office was so clean and warm. The staff was friendly and almost immediately showed me to a treatment room so we would be separated from others. Drs. Trivedi and Shah were incredibly personable. The blood draw was quick and painless and we’ll be getting results soon. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking for primary care or pain management.

Rachel P.

Went in for a COVID antibody test today and had a great experience. Every staff member I met was knowledgeable and kind. I got in and out quickly, all while maintaining strict social distancing guidelines. Dr. Shah sat with me and answered all my questions and gave me a realistic and helpful understanding of what the test could and could not do. The office was very aesthetically pleasing, spacious and calming. I highly recommend CLEAR Immediate Care!

Kevin E.

Had a great experience at Clear Immediate Care. Did their COVID antibody testing which was very quick and easy, will be getting the results in a couple days. Dr. Shah and Dr. Trivedi were great and upfront with their communication. The place was clean and safe. Their whole staff was welcoming and were wearing protective equipment. Will be returning for other healthcare needs!

Tony J.

I’ve been suffering from chronic back pain for years. I’ve seen multiple doctors, specialists, and physical therapists. I’ve had MRIs and done acupuncture but life has never been normal for the last 15 years. Dr. Trivedi helped me tremendously with my back issues. He actually CARES about his patients! He listened to me very carefully before developing a treatment plan. I felt more like a valued customer rather than an annoying patient. If you’ve been struggling with back issues, consider seeing Dr. Trivedi.