Erectile dysfunction (ED) can affect men of all ages. As the most common medical issue that men experience during sex, ED can impact otherwise healthy relationships. If you cannot achieve or maintain an erection, it is important to consider if the problem qualifies as erectile dysfunction in the truest sense.

Occasional issues with the inability to achieve an erection are normal. However, if the problem is frequent or you often fail to achieve a firm erection, you may be suffering from ED. Any progressive reoccurrence of ED is the first sign that you should contact CLEAR Wellness Group for testing.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

There are several potential causes of ED. The penis relies on adequate blood flood into two chambers in order to achieve a firm erection. If, for any reason, blood flow is impeded, it can result in erectile dysfunction. Another issue that leads to ED is damage to the nerves that control erection function.

It is also worth noting that ED is often a secondary sign of potentially life-threatening conditions. Hardened or blocked arteries, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease are just some of the conditions that initially manifest through symptoms, including the inability to achieve or sustain an erection.

Finally, psychological problems such as stress, depression and anxiety can make it difficult for some men to get a firm erection. These issues are treatable, but it is important to seek testing to rule out any of the other conditions associated with ED. Knowing the root cause of erectile dysfunction is the first step toward effective relief.

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