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The symptoms of COVID can wreak havoc on a film production schedule in Chicago. Entertainment crews for the film and production industry can receive simple and seamless COVID testing and compliance plans to stay on track and prevent the illness from shutting down production. CLEAR Immediate Care is a premier clinic with experienced medical professionals to address the root cause of issues and not just treat symptoms.

Clear Immediate Care COVID Testing Services

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CLEAR Immediate Care offers a comprehensive range of COVID testing services for the film and production industry in Chicago. COVID testing is performed by nasal swab and takes approximately ten seconds to complete. This convenient testing can be done at one of three physical locations in the Chicago area, or on-set with concierge availability.

CLEAR Immediate Care has a true Rapid PCR machine not offered by other companies who offer COVID testing. Rapid antigen, rapid molecular and lab based PCR testing is also available. This testing can deliver results in an hour and can be communicated directly on the same day to the cast or crew as well as production. Medical professionals can also give you up-to-date travel recommendations and travel restrictions in Chicago and throughout Illinois.

COVID Compliance Plans

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A board-certified physician can help you design a COVID compliance plan or testing schedule that can meet your unique needs in the Chicago film and production industry. Medical professionals can help you with contact tracing, safety protocols and daily entrance procedures. With a well-thought-out compliance plan including COVID testing, you can reduce the risk of a complete project shut down. These COVID compliance plans can include:

Chicago Film and Production COVID Planning

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COVID testing services can help you foster a safe and healthy environment for film and production in Chicago. CLEAR Immediate Care offers comprehensive COVID planning so your crew stays protected and your schedule is not delayed by illness. If you would like to book COVID testing for the film and production industry, book an appointment today.

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