Clear Wellness is proud to announce a partnership with Chicago Compliance Specialists. This partnership will focus on merging our COVID-19 testing capacities with the multiple Covid-19 solutions that CCS offers. As the country opens up the film industry will continue to maintain high standards of safety to ensure the health of the cast and crew.

Chicago Compliance Specialists COVID-19 Testing for Film & Production Industry

The film production industry in Chicago was significantly impacted by the pandemic. Thanks to innovative strategies we have been able to bounce back to pre-pandemic levels of production. Chicago Compliance Specialists was the first business in Chicago dedicated to bringing state of the art Covid-19 solutions to film sets and events. They have provided industry leading service for clients like Apple, Nike, Adidas, Visa, CoCa-Cola, as well as numerous major recording artists. Whether they are staffing your shoot with one of their Covid officers or sanitizing your set you will receive the best Covid solutions Chicago has to offer.

Through this partnership we will be bringing two local industry leaders together to provide an even more streamlined and efficient service to our clients. We can ensure all aspects of Covid Compliance from testing, coordinating, officers, sanitization, and PPE.

Chicago Compliance Specialists can ensure all COVID-19 testing areas are thoroughly sanitized before and after you leave. Several convenient COVID-19 testing options for the film and production industry are available. Saliva testing can help ensure crews are safe before returning to work. PCR-based testing allows production crews to self-administer the tests along with video visits from a Clear Wellness Group provider. Clear Wellness Group can quickly provide COVID-19 testing at any location and also offers individual concierge services.

Book COVID-19 Testing for Film & Production Industry with Clear Wellness Group

Doctor in blue gloves using a lateral flow covid-19 testing kit

Clear Wellness Group is the premier clinic for COVID-19 testing for the film and production industry in Chicago. As advocates for optimum wellness, Clear Wellness Group believes in addressing the root cause of health issues and not just the symptoms. With three convenient locations, entertainment crews can receive quick testing to stay on production schedule. To book COVID-19 testing for the film and production industry, contact Clear Wellness Group today.

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