Urinary tract infections cause pain, discomfort and can impact a healthy sex life. These infections are more common in women, although some men also experience reoccurring problems. Treatment for a UTI usually involves taking antibiotics, as most infections are bacterial. However, several factors can lead to UTIs and may require a more holistic approach to treatment.

Complete wellness involves treating the patient in both body and mind. There are physical and psychological contributing forces that can lead to a UTI. At CLEAR Wellness Group, we want to ensure that our patients get the best from both worlds. If you frequently suffer from UTIs, reach out to our team today for treatment and support from compassionate health professionals.

UTI Symptoms and Causes

If you are experiencing a constant and strong need to urinate, it may indicate a UTI. In many cases, patients also feel a burning sensation when urinating. Both symptoms are typically accompanied with only passing a small amount of urine during each bathroom visit.

Urine may appear cloudy, reddish, pinkish or dark in color. Another common symptom of a UTI is urine that gives off a pungent smell. Women are likely to experience a pain that is focused around the pelvic bone area, indicating the presence of a potentially severe UTI.

In many cases, a UTI will clear up without treatment. However, you may wish to seek treatment if there is frequent recurrence. UTI symptoms can point to other conditions that will require additional or different treatment altogether. At CLEAR Wellness Group, we are passionate about providing our patients with access to the most effective treatment plan for their needs.

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