If you recently had surgery, you may need suture removal to help promote wound healing and prevent infection. While going to your primary care doctor is best, urgent care in Chicago can effectively remove your sutures. CLEAR Immediate Care delivers both immediate and urgent care to meet our patients’ physical, emotional and mental needs.

Suture Removal Urgent Care Process

Removing your sutures should be done by an experienced medical professional. Before suture removal, an urgent care professional must assess the wound to ensure proper healing. When sutures are removed can depend on their location on the body. Facial sutures may be removed after three days, while joint or hand sutures may need to wait two weeks before removal. The health care professional will snip the suture threads near the knot using surgical scissors and then pull each thread out with forceps.

After the procedure, you may want to cover the area with bandages until the wound is fully healed. Avoid any activities that could bump, stretch or scratch the affected area. You may want to use sunscreen and a moisture-based cream to prevent visible scars from your wound. Your urgent care doctor may give you specific instructions during your visit.

Signs of Infection

If you fail to care for your wound properly until you need suture removal, you may develop signs of infection. You may have a fever, swelling, increased pain or a discharge with a strong odor. Seek urgent care immediately. Infections can become fatal if left untreated. Call your doctor right away if you experience persistent bleeding or if your sutures fall out before the removal procedure.

Your urgent care doctor may prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection. The wound may develop pockets of pus called abscesses. These fluid pockets will need to be drained and left open to heal. You will need to follow detailed instructions for wound care to help prevent recurring infections.

Convenient Suture Removal in Chicago

CLEAR Immediate Care offers walk-in services in Chicago with no appointment necessary. Booking an appointment offers greater convenience with minimal wait times. Experienced professionals will remove your sutures quickly and create a treatment plan for all your health needs. Book an appointment for suture removal today.