Bacteria or viruses entering the ear canal can lead to ear infections. The risk for developing symptoms can also be caused by allergies, a weakened immune system, physical health conditions and a family history of infections. While symptoms are more common in children, adults can experience discomfort from this issue. Prompt treatment at an urgent care clinic in Chicago can help you overcome this discomfort.

Symptoms of Ear Infections

You can look for several symptoms to determine if you have an ear infection. Common signs include ear drainage, fever, headaches and pain when lying down. Pulling on the ear, loss of appetite and fussiness can be typical indicators for children. You may also have trouble with balance, sleeping or hearing. Symptoms can clear without urgent care treatment within three days, but you may want to visit a Chicago clinic to be on the safe side.

The symptoms of ear infections can be similar to allergic reactions. Make sure to inform your doctor of any allergies to help reduce the risk of complications from medical treatment. Your doctor may perform a physical exam to provide an accurate assessment. The doctor will check for the development of fluid behind the eardrum and inflammation. This could be an indicator of a more serious middle ear infection.

Urgent Care Treatment for Ear Infections

Urgent care treatment for ear infections may vary depending on the severity of the condition and the patient’s age. Typical treatment options include antibiotics, over-the-counter pain medications or ear drops. While waiting for the infection to heal, you can use a warm compress on the affected ear to minimize discomfort. An urgent care doctor may recommend corticosteroids or ear tube implants if you develop chronic infections.

Effective Urgent Care Treatment for Ear Infections in Chicago

If you are experiencing an ear infection and cannot see your primary care doctor, urgent care can help you find relief. CLEAR Immediate Care specializes in treatment plans to help you achieve optimal health and wellness for your physical, emotional and mental needs. No appointment is necessary for treatment. Come into the clinic in Chicago for ear infection treatment today.