Some people are lucky in that they have rarely, if ever, experienced the symptoms of flu or strep. If you frequently suffer from either of these conditions, it is important to get confirmation through testing. Making sure you are receiving the right treatment and that any underlying considerations are identified will help promote better overall health.

“Flu” is the common collective name for all the strains of influenza, including swine and bird flu. From a medical science perspective, predicting which strain is likely to spread each flu season can be difficult. It is also important to recognize that what may feel like flu could be a completely different medical condition, such as Listeriosis or Lyme disease.

Much like flu, strep shares symptoms with a number of other throat infections. A sore or scratchy throat may also result from conditions including infectious mononucleosis or the common cold. Testing is the only sure way to confirm whether you are suffering from flu, strep or another type of infection.

Complete Health & Well-Being

Although infections cause flu and strep, a person’s general well-being can impact whether or not an infection takes hold and the severity of the symptoms. If you constantly feel run down, suffer from poor health or have a stressful life, the chances of contracting flu or strep are increased. It is, therefore, important to consider a total wellness approach to treatment.

At CLEAR Wellness Group, we are focused on individualized medicine. Our patients enjoy access to robust treatment plans and personalized doctor-patient relationships. We can provide testing for flu, strep and a range of other health conditions at our Chicago offices.

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