CLEAR Immediate Care in Chicago is offering FDA-authorized COVID-19 antibody testing for our patients. COVID-19 antibody testing allows us to determine if you have been infected with COVID-19 in the past and how your body has responded to the infection.

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Not all COVID-19 antibody tests have been authorized by the FDA – the majority of tests on the market are allowed, but do not have the backing of the FDA. The tests we use at CLEAR Immediate Care in Chicago are FDA authorized IgG Immunoassays, from both Abbott Laboratories and Roche. The test is a simple blood test with one small vial drawn to get results – your visit only takes about 10 minutes. One can expect results in 24-36 hours.


The antibody test is designed to help determine if you may have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 at some point in the past. A good candidate is anyone who has had no symptoms or exposure to COVID-19 in the last two weeks. It does not matter if you have had symptoms in the past – the antibody testing can detect those who had asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 in addition to those who were sick at the time.

If you currently have symptoms (or had them in the past 14 days) such as a cough, fevers, chills or fatigue, this is not the right test for you – you may want to be tested to determine if you currently have COVID-19.


For many, there is a peace of mind that comes with knowing they survived the virus without serious complications. Those that have recovered may also have the option of donating plasma to help those with active Covid-19. Greater testing aids our understanding of the disease course as well as true prevalence of the virus.

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For those who test negative, this can help them feel more comfortable with continuing the level of social distancing and protection they may need in the future. As more is learned about the virus, the results of your testing could be helpful in understanding your level of immunity against the virus and how much of the population has already had the virus.

If you are interested in undergoing COVID-19 antibody testing, contact us at CLEAR Immediate Care in Chicago, or schedule an appointment today.

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