Many circumstances result in the need or desire for STD testing. Sexually active individuals, whether casually or in a relationship, can contract a sexually transmitted disease. However, mitigating the risks of STDs is an important part of health and wellness that is often ignored.

When you enter into a new relationship, both parties getting tested for STDs is recommended. Similarly, if you are already in a relationship where safe sex is practiced, STD testing provides reassurances when discussing taking precautions such as condoms out of the equation.

Relationships may involve multiple partners, which increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. There is also the issue of transmission if cheating has occurred at any point in a relationship. Regardless of whether you have confirmation that your partner has been unfaithful or not, seeking testing is recommended if either of you develop symptoms of an STD.

STD-Related Health Complications

There are several potential health issues associated with STDs. Infertility, cervical cancer, organ damage and blindness are among the serious complications that can arise from infections. The most common types of STDs that require testing include:

Warts or bumps in or around sexual organs or the mouth may indicate an STD. Other symptoms include pain when urinating, rash, jaundice or excessive vaginal bleeding outside of menstruation. With that said, it is important to bear in mind that STDs are often asymptomatic, so you may not realize you have an infection. It is, therefore, a better practice to get tested periodically.

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